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#1 Samsung Smart View
suggestions or feedback.
#2 Remotie 2: Samsung TV Remote
the second version of the popular remote control for samsung smart tv which has been downloaded over 4,000,000 times! easily interact with your tv using your phone or tablet. navigate
#3 Remotie: remote for Samsung TV
functional remote control with keyboard and touchpad for your samsung smart tv and smart blu-ray player. user-friendly, customizable, has a wide range of features and splendid design. create a unique
#4 Fluke SmartView Mobile
about working faster – it’s about working smarter. supported devices: •ti400/ti300/ti200 •ti100 series •ti90/ti95
#5 myTifi
related in any way to samsung electronics.
#6 Remote TV Control for Samsung
we are not affiliated with samsung electronics in any way.
#7 SmartView
- hd dvr - hd hybrid dvr
#8 SRFR – Easily Cast Video on TV
weve added more social platforms like instagram, plus even more smart tvs and gaming consoles. even record a video within srfr, share with friends and play on your smart
#9 Degradr - Smart live-view camera with automatic color correction
rest” © george eastman, founder of kodak, 1888 degradr is a smart photo camera that “degrades” digital images to make them look as if they have been shot on film. it
#10 iSmartViewPro
ftp params, set email, set motion alarm and so on.
#11 smartview mobile plus
add new note, view note details and resend selected note.
#12 VR Camera - 360º Smart Camera APP
photos and live ,setting its shooting parameters and so on.
#13 Crossword. The smart puzzle game.
optional sound effects and background music • ipod function support
#14 Protractor Smart
a screenshot of anything on the screen. enjoy !!!
#15 360TUBE: VR apps games & videos (Google Cardboard)
an email or leave a review. thanks for your support.
#16 스마트 배란측정기 오뷰 / SMART O'VIEW
미리 알려주는 알람기능 - 나만의 다이어리 비밀번호 기능 - 배우자와 결과 공유하기
#17 Popular Woodworking Design Program - Basic and Easy-to-Make Woodworking Projects
of two or more will be required for polished results.
#18 VesselView Mobile
gps running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
#19 iSmartView
~音频听功能,您可以听到远程ip camera的音频 ~视频录像功能,您可以将正在播放的camera视频录制下来,录制下来的视频将存储在“图片”中 版权声明: ~本软件使用了ffmpeg库, 您可以从www.ffmpeg.org来获取库的源代码, 编译方法参见。 ~本软件使用了kissxml, 一个遵循mit协议的库, 您可以从得到。
#20 Smart-Vision
higher supported video codecs - mjpeg - mpeg4 - h.264