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#1 Ask for Amazon Alexa App
for all the family ! red two apps
#2 Amazon Alexa
together in addition to managing your devices with alexa, the updated alexa app lets you call and message amazon echo and echo dot owners, and anyone else with the alexa app
#3 Alexa Rank - App & Safari Extension
by or affiliated with alexa internet, inc. email support is [email protected]
#4 Skills for Amazon Alexa App
app showcases the latest skills available for the amazon alexa dot, echo or show devices. browse over 20 categories of the best skills you need for your alexa device, and
#5 Commands for Amazon Alexa
yet! what are you waiting for? download today!
#6 Commands for Alexa Echo Dot
social app for people who love alexa!! ask for amazon alexa with command of the day and quiz is necessary if you want to unlock the true potential of the
#7 Commands & Skills for Amazon Alexa Echo Dot
#8 Jab Messenger — Send Text from Alexa & Amazon Echo
account 2. look for "jab" in the skills section of the alexa app or visit and register with the same amazon account as you did for the app. 3. in the
#9 Ditty by Zya
internet connection. terms of service, privacy and cookie policy and eula:
#10 Reverb for Amazon Alexa
support for more information.
#11 Ally - for Alexa Voice Services
to licensing restrictions.
updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.
and: • control everything around you with your voice and amazon alexa or google assistant • stay informed about what’s happening from publications like the new york times and propublica • always stay
#14 Video Call Santa - Christmas Wish
amazing video of their wonderful son! for full version, visit
#15 Sunshine - A brighter lifestyle
love feedback, so tell us what you think at [email protected]
#16 Shiloh Baptist Church of Alexa
engage with our community through the shiloh baptist church of alexa app!
updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.
#18 Checkers
last move a must have if you like strategic board games.
#19 Swift for Alexa Voice Services
open it on a laptop or pc)
#20 Driving Car 2017
different locations and cars to choose - support for 3 languages
#21 Quick Remote for Alexa & Roku
ios app works with quick remote skill in the following alexa powered devices from amazon: • amazon echo • amazon tap • echo dot • echo show • echo look • amazon dash wand with
#22 AnyMote Smart Universal Remote
there • check out our tutorials: • read our blog:
#23 Astra - for Alexa Voice Services
licensing restrictions.
#24 HOUND Voice Search & Assistant
bunnymen” research and get trivia answers quickly: - “ok hound... when was alexa alemanni born?" - “ok hound... tell me about the constellation lyra." - “ok hound... tell me about the amazon river." set alarms
#25 Alexa Phone Finder
you can find your iphone easily by asking the alexa app where your phone is. you can also create groups of people who all have the app and
#26 Jukebox for Alexa & Amazon Echo
jukebox lets you record 10-second sounds and broadcast them on alexa & amazon echo. you can record jokes, musics, famous quotes, thoughts and whatever you want. its like audio gif for
#27 Questions for Alexa
to move through the many questions, and then ask your alexa for her response!
for hours (@snunez_27)
#29 Super Zombie World by tiny jump bros
super zombie world by tiny jump bros
#30 小转插
timing, countdown and other control of multi-functional smart home equipment.