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#1 Hiya Caller ID and Block
#2 Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup
lookup search for any number to see who it belongs to.
#3 hiya!
battery life. be responsible in using hiya! ** * ** **
#4 Hiya.
motivated active job seekers with ease. the proactive nature of hiya allows you to find the perfect employee by getting to know them as a person, their life goals and
#5 クロダさんのサバイバル
online gamecenter, compete scores with people all over the world!
#6 -Let's Throw!-
only you have to do is touch! keywords throw, ball
#7 Fruit Defense!! vs Insect Free
available. you can upgrade fruit units 4 steps. try your tactics! lets defense!
#8 Hiya-改变校园玩乐方式
最火爆的同校活动组局平台,天天有局嗨不停,全校玩咖都在这里!! *快速参与同校活动,天天有局high不停! *结识超多nice玩伴,全校玩咖都在这里! *精选周边活动,改变周末玩乐方式。 *gif动态 & 语音评论,记录你的玩乐时光。 *最美应用鼎力推荐!自从用了hiya,校园生活品质都被迫提升了呢!~ 一键发布活动 > 自由发布各类活动,一键推送给相关好友或全校兴趣爱好者,校园组局不在困难! 加入同校组局活动 > 宅到快发霉了?每天无聊求活动?!查看每日同校活动,ktv、桌游、羽毛球、寝室联谊......全校玩咖都在这里,天天有局嗨不停! 智能活动提醒 > ①同校活动智能提醒,掌控任何玩乐机会!②关注你喜欢的人,ta参与的活动都会通知你噢! 周边活动精选 > 精选周边活动,和室友闺蜜去看展、diy、现场、探店!更多周末出行选择,改变周末玩乐方式! 资深玩乐小组 > 最年轻、最懂学生的玩乐小组。资深吃货,校园玩咖,带你发现最in玩乐现场!分享你的玩乐动态,记录你的玩乐时光! 关于hiya > hiya致力于打破校园单调无聊的宅腐现状,打造充实&多彩&健康的校园生活!承包学生玩乐活动,为学生玩乐事业而奋斗终生!目前hiya已覆盖上海、杭州、北京等高校,帮助百万大学生“脱离苦海”。开启hiya校园新生活,赶快加入我们吧! hiya,改变校园玩乐方式!
#9 Hiya - The Instant sound messenger for one tap chat.s with friends!
you like (no facebook required, no phone book upload required)
#10 Hiya safe mobile chat for kids
if you have any questions, please contact us at
#11 Hiya Tasks
#12 Hiya Family Life Manager for busy parents
chats and friendships. your children can download any of the hiya family of free apps - hiya safe chat for kids, hiya tasks and hiya shopping list. [+] manage your childrens