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#1 Venmo
inc.’s licenses. visit for additional information. © 2017 paypal.
#2 2048 UNDO Plus, Number Puzzle Game Free HD
number touch, they merge into one. get your 2048 now!
#3 Flappy Wings Rival War-New Bird Games Free Run for Kids
go?just have a try! flappy back : go go go !
#4 Private Photo Video Manager & My Secret Folder Privacy App Free
videos from iphone album * sync with usb and wi-fi
#5 Cool Font Keyboard – Customize Color Themes
messages! get it and show others how special you are!
#6 Pay Zone - Ven-mo Square Register Edition
that makes it possible to transfer money to each other. venmo is also known as a "digital wallet". users make an account provided with their personal and bank account informations. features: •
#7 Dream app- New mobile Broadcast platform
interesting information into your friend circle. dream live, live your dream.
#8 MealShare: Check-Splitting Companion App for Venmo
#9 Stacks - Make It Rain On Your Friends with Venmo
powered by venmo. fling dollar bills directly into your friend’s venmo balance! it’s literally the most dope app you can possibly own. owing money has never been this much fun. just
#10 GO Services - Service Catalog, Chat for Uber Venmo
information on interests and new services related to your interests
#11 Splitsies - Split the bill with Venmo
across multiple credit cards? annoyed of footing the check and venmo charging your friends individually for what they ate? with splitsies, you can easily split a bill by itemizing what
#12 Dots Mania - Connect Two Spinny Dots and Brain Circle
design suitable for all ages get it & make your record!
#13 Lily - Financial Manager for Venmo
#14 Color Drop - Virtual Geometry Shade Spotter Dash
stack from reaching the top free to play! get it now!
#15 我和你的婚姻恋爱心理学 - 情侣小恩爱必备软件
有人话"婚姻是恋爱的坟墓"... 亦有人说"婚姻是爱情的延续"... 谁是谁非,都不能尽信...但有一点可以肯定的是"婚姻"是需要去刻意经营, 亦只有通过欣赏和包容, 才能够成就一段美满姻缘! 本应用程式正是和大家一起分享爱情,婚姻及婚嫁的种种心理、行为发生的条件和情境,使婚恋得到升华。 祝福"天下有情人终成眷属" !!!